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Outsourcing . . . .Termination

Author: James Ortiz

After watching the movie "Up in the Air" staring George Clooney, I was intrigued as to whether his "job" (hired to fire certain employees of other companies) was actually possible. His job as a termination consultant was to travel almost everyday to deliver the "bad news" to employees of certain companies which hired him to do so. In addition to his job would be offering separation packages to the employees. Upon researching in the web, I discovered this article which features both the movie and a brief explanation of how the process of outsourced termination is being done in real life.

Bringing 'Up in the Air' down to earth

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HR Joke for the day :)

Author: Yuta

A Balloon Debate:

A man named Alvin Tan in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He reduced altitude and spotted a woman named Patricia Ledesma below. He descended a bit more and shouted: "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised my Master James Ortiz that I would meet him an hour ago for a "DS" conversation, but I don't know where I am."

Patricia replied: "You are in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 30 feet above the ground. You are 51º21,32.87 degrees north latitude and 0º21,32.87 degrees west longitude."

"You must be an engineer," said Alvin.

" I am," Patricia replied. "How did you know?"

"Well," Alvin answered, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and the fact is I am still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help so far."

Patricia responded: "You must be in HR."

"I am, " Alvin replied. "But how did you know?"

"Well," Patricia said, "you don't know where you are or where you are going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise, which you have no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems. The fact is you are in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but now, somehow, it's my fault."

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Team-DS playlist by Watanabe

Author: Marc Alvin Tan

Click here to listen to our new music playlist

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Keys to success

Author: Yuta

Here are some keys to success that we need as Human Resource professionals as we go along in our future careers.

Know the business – have intimate knowledge of the mechanics of your business. Understand the vernacular, anachronisms, strategy and the preferred implementation methods.

Know what is confidential – Sharing of information is encouraged, but be sure the individuals receiving the information have a need to know. Information should help others meet business objectives.

Model Tri-level communication – Be an example of effective communication. Relate equally well with managers, peers and front-line employees.

Correlate organizational systems – Awareness of the interconnectivity between organizational systems is necessary. Make sure your business plan, recruiting plan, training plan, retention plan and reward mechanisms all mesh together with a singular focus.

Practice transactional excellence – the ability to process information with a seamless organized approach has critical impact upon the organization

Create policies, guidelines and programs – which are consistent with overall business objectives. Don’t confuse great program design with absolute program need.

Maintain an understanding – of the latest technologies, resources and legislation. Don’t put yourself in the position of expecting others to be responsible for your personal development.

Responsibility, Recognition and Reward – Understand what motivates individuals to reach exceptional levels of performance. Remember that reward takes many forms in additional to financial gain.

Source: CiteHR

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Hiring Perks

Author: Marc Alvin Tan

One of the most common problems for organizations is the sourcing of employees, headhunters might be aplenty but if you can't convince anyone to work for you, you'd really need to come up with a great strategy. Most companies would offer incentives such as stocks, health plans, gym memberships, car plans and even lodging just to entice applicants to apply for a job, but what if the nature of your business couldn't provide those perks, what would you do? Would you be able to offer something irresistible that you'd be the one turning people away because suddenly everyone wants to work for you? Let's see how a small private clinic in Prague did just that...

AN understaffed Prague clinic has signed up nurses by offering boob jobs, liposuction and tummy tucks as a bonus.

Nurses, doctors and secretaries who sign up with the small private clinic for three years can choose their free plastic surgery.

"It has been a success," Jiri Schweitzer, a manager at the Iscare clinic, said, adding the establishment was now fully staffed and had to reject dozens of beauty-hunting job applicants.

Petra Kalivodova, a 31-year-old nurse who has been working at the clinic for four years, has had a breast implants - the most popular choice among nurses - so she underwent liposuction for her signing on perk.

"I have mentioned this to colleagues and friends, and the interest in working here is huge," she said.

The clinic charges up to 75,000 koruna ($5060) for a breast implant, almost three times the average nurse's monthly wage, and up to €1880 ($3380) for liposuction.
Many Czech nurses have been tempted out of the country by higher wages offered in western European nations and the Czech health system now needs about 6000 nurses in addition to the 90,000 it already employs, according to official data.

Source: The Australian

I wonder what would happen if a similar thing happened in our country, let's say we ran out of nurses too because everyone left the country to seek greener pastures abroad, would hospitals adopt a similar business practice? Because for sure, there are lot of Filipina nurses who are insecure of their bodies too, especially from watching too many Koreanovelas wherein their idols are also products of the latest in plastic surgery. Aside from retaining nurses, Hospitals would also benefit by attracting Pinoy male patients who would look forward to being confined in a hospital full of busty nurses, this blogger excluded because he likes his nurse

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Employee Piracy

Author: Patricia

While I was watching the news early this morning, I suddenly saw an interview with Mr. Francis Co. The topic discussed was about "things to consider before allowing yourself to be pirated by another company". Although it's a good thing when someone wants to pirate you to work for their company, which only means that you're really performing well however you need to consider lot of things before deciding to jump ship.

Things to consider before changing your workplace:
  • Adaptability to new environment
  • Personality of immediate boss
  • New relationship with co-workers
  • Profitability and stability of the firm
  • Personal growth
  • Retirement package
Things to do when you choose to change your workplace:
  • Inform management
  • Give time to management to turn over your work to others
  • Don't steal company property
  • Don't pirate / encourage your co-worker to join you in changing workplace
  • Don't burn bridges and maintain friendshp with your previous company

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Causes of car accidents according to sign

Author: Marc Alvin Tan

Accidents are beyond our control but sometimes we tend to find reasons to explain our misfortune, well someone must've put 2 and 2 together and came up with this:

(03/21 - 04/19)
Percentage: 8.54%

Reason: Your thought is slightly slower than your action.

(04/20 - 05/20)
Percentage: 9.76%           

Reason: You think your car is tougher than the others.

(05/21 - 06/21)
Percentage: 9.03%        

Reason: Driving car while looking at the scenery, listening to music, and using your cellphone.

(06/22 - 07/22)
Percentage: 8.48%       

Reason: You are having a bad day.

(07/23 - 08/22)
Percentage: 7.85%        

Reason: All the cars should stay behind you.

(08/23 - 09/22)
Percentage: 8.96%            

Reason: Making fuss over a trifling matter, brake even if nothing happen.

(09/23 - 10/22)
Percentage: 8.17%       

Reason: Still thinking whether to change lane or not.

(10/23 - 11/21)
Percentage: 7.11%  

Reason: Drive away without paying attention to the car in front of you.

(11/22 - 12/21)
Percentage: 7.34%       

Reason: Accelerator + steering wheel, that's the only way to drive.

(12/22 - 01/19)
Percentage: 8.21%       

Reason: Blame Aries for trying to overtake you.

(01/20 - 02/19)
Percentage: 8.12%       

Reason: You are always correct.

(02/19 - 03/20)
Percentage: 8.43%       

Reason: Day-dreaming.

Source: Jia Xing's Office

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The Starting Line

Author: Patricia

First I would like to tell something about myself. I am a student of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. I believe that I am a responsible student, proof is that I would be graduating on time this July with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. HR is actually a very good course, you will be able to learn a lot if you take it seriously, unfortunately not everyone appreciates it and some even think that they have no choice and just wants to get it over with. I hope that someday we would be able to fill our professors' shoes since they are among the best practitioners in the industry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a graduating student so I need to finish 400 hours of on the job training. It was easy to find a company who accommodates trainees especially since CSB has partnerships with other companies - you could easily be hired. But the puzzle was in deciding which company to choose for my training, like the factors I had to consider in order for me to say that I would be happy with the company I chose for my OJT. I believe it is a crucial, since it will be the time which will open my mind on what I really want to focus on after graduation.


First is, to have in mind what you want to learn.
One of the best ways is to set a goal. Make a list before applying from different companies. Jot down what you expect to learn at the end of your OJT. You should also consider what would be the things you expect to see, experience and learn.

Second, is to consider the right source for OJT.

School would never leave you to be all on your own and will surely help you to find a company to apply for, but schools have a limited number of companies to offer and you’re not the only student who needs it. There are lots of ways to apply: It can be online but I suggest that it would be better to submit it personally so the company can see the effort that you are really into it. Lots of companies are generous in providing training with pay but you should not consider it to be the most important.

Third, be ready to commit to your chosen job and go out of your comfort zone once in a while. You’re no longer a student wherein your teacher spoon feeds you the lessons. It is the real world now. You are an employee now that is working for the company. Do your best.

Lastly, enjoy it.
Remember the people whom you work with, you share your experiences with and learned with that was gained from the training. Who knows, your company might want to absorb you. It would be a good break. Competition is getting tighter, you might as well become one of the most coveted employees due to your training.


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Train employees with a PSP!?

Author: Marc Alvin Tan

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, North Carolina (Reuters) – Forget boring company training films.

A leading hotel chain has teamed with a videogame developer to create a new game to improve their employees' job performance.

Many businesses use serious videogames designed for the PC but Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) has taken the virtual training concept portable for the first time with “Ultimate Team Play”.

Working with North Carolina-based game developer Virtual Heroes, HGI has created a videogame for Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) that allows employees to practice their jobs before they have to interact with customers.
“Ultimate Team Play” offers timed scenarios focusing on departments like housekeeping, food and beverage, engineering, maintenance and front desk. The hotel chain has sent out 500 PSPs loaded with the game to all of its locations.
“By playing the game and not watching a video or reading a book we have the opportunity to repeat the same message a few times without ‘losing’ the participants,” said David Kervella, senior manager of brand education at Hilton Hotels Corporation.

“Players are learning by doing without making mistakes with real guests,” he added.
Kervella said that Virtual Heroes created the game to allow for easy customization to fit any of the 11 Hilton brands. If the HGI test is successful, PSPs will be added to additional hotel brands in the future.
“We’ve designed the game, which will take five hours to complete, to focus on interactions with guests and every action will impact the guest’s mood as well as the hotel’s Satisfaction and Loyalty (SALT) scores,” said Jerry Heneghan, CEO of Virtual Heroes.
The Apply Group, a leading videogames marketing consultancy, said that by 2012 up to 135 of the world’s leading companies will have adopted gaming for learning, with the United States, United Kingdom and Germany leading the way.
The games will range from flight simulators to virtual restaurant training guides.
“The challenge right now is getting companies to adopt games,” said Ian Bogost, a professor at Georgia Tech and a founding partner at Persuasive Games, which has created company training games.
“There’s still an element of fear, especially in a down economy. And human resources and training managers tend to avoid doing new things for fear that they’ll stick their necks out. Executives at forward-thinking companies need to endorse games as a part of the future of work.”
According to a 2008 study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which works to further understanding of entrepreneurship, the economic impact of a great lecture can improve learning outcomes by 17 percent, while switching to a different delivery mechanism such as serious gaming can improve learning outcomes by 108 percent.
“More than the technology capabilities like rapid processors and 3D graphics, demographics and the rapid pace of business change is driving the way many companies are training their personnel,” said Phaedra Boinodiris, project manager for IBM’s Serious Games.
“For business purposes, we are seeing companies use games to make hiring decisions and evaluate skills and performance.”
Heneghan said that on the heels of the HGI training game, many companies are interested in utilizing the PSP. It may be just the beginning because iPhones, Nintendo DSi and other portable devices also hold the potential to offer virtual training scenarios.

Source: Reuters

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Curriculum Vitae

Author: Marc Alvin Tan

Since the advent of Internet, submitting your resume has never been easier when it comes to applying for a job or an internship. Gone are the days when you would be required to do a walk-in submission inside the company premises. Companies nowadays find it more efficient and dare we say more environmental friendly? By asking applicants to hand in their resume via e-mail, resource such as paper wouldn't have to be wasted if the recruiter initially doesn't like what he/she sees in your resume, it also saves space and time as a ton of resume piled up would be harder and would take longer to access rather than simply clicking on one's computer to view the document.

Here are a few tips to acquire that job (Source: Accenture)
Make sure your resume stands out
We receive hundreds of applications each day, so differentiate yourself by highlighting your skills, your career goals and your achievements at university. We are not very interested in your high school or elementary records, but we do want to know details about your involvement in school organizations and other extra curricular activities. Keep it concise. A one page document should be sufficient.

Also, make sure your resume does not stand out for the wrong reasons. It is surprising how many resumes we receive with incorrect contact information, spelling mistakes and errors due to careless cutting and pasting. Before you submit your resume, ask a friend to proofread it or use the spell check in Microsoft Word.

Prepare for the interview
The key to a successful interview is preparation! A lot of jobseekers just go to one interview after another, without properly researching the position for which they are applying or about their potential employers. Before you go to your interview, make sure you have a good understanding of the company and what you hope to do with the company. Keep in mind the following objectives when preparing for your interview.

Know yourself: In order to know yourself, you must be able to do the following:
  • Describe what you want in a career/employer.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify your goals and objectives (short and long term).
  • Be prepared to discuss areas for development in a solution-oriented manner.
Know your resume: Be familiar with all the information on your resume and be prepared to elaborate on each topic:
  • Contact information.
  • Career objectives
  • Educational experience
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • References
Know the industry: Research the company and the industry through:
  • Visiting company websites.
  • Talking to alumni/current employees.
  • Reading corporate literature.
  • Reading newspapers and industry magazines/publications.
  • Consult the Office of Career Services on campus.
  • Attend company information sessions and activities.
Prepare for the interview day: Plan in advance for your interview day with these simple steps:
  • Ensure you have accurate directions to the interview site (test them if possible).
  • Submit all required documents prior to the interview, or bring them with you if requested.
  • Plan the appropriate outfit to present your most professional appearance.
  • Prepare questions about the role and company should time be given for questions.

A few more tips from Team DS:

Register at sites such as Jobstreet, to make it easier for you to look for company postings of job openings and also for companies to look for you as you can indicate the type of job you're looking for and a corresponding e-mail would be sent to you informing you if any company that matches your preferences is available (e.g. in Makati, BPO/Call Center)

Remember, you have nothing to lose by sending your resume online. Even if the posting for a job has already reached its deadline as posted online, it wouldn't hurt to try. Chances are you could end up like me, who got an e-mail right back a few hours later asking me to give them a call for me to be scheduled for an exam and an interview.

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