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HR Joke for the Week

The Complaints of a PENIS:

I, the penis, hereby request salary raise for the following reasons:

1) I do physical labour
2) I work at great depths
3) I plunge headfirst in everything I do
4) I work in a damp environment
5) I don't get dayoff even on weekends and holidays
6) I'm always exposed to contagious diseases

The response after a thorough deliberation, the management rejects your requests on the following grounds:

1) You do not work 8 hours straight
2) You always fall asleep after strenuous work
3) You don't stay in your designated work area
4) You always need to be pressured and stimulated for you to work
5) You always leave your work rather very messy
6) And lastly, you have been found to constantly entering and exiting the work area carrying 2 suspicious-looking bags!


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