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Curriculum Vitae

Since the advent of Internet, submitting your resume has never been easier when it comes to applying for a job or an internship. Gone are the days when you would be required to do a walk-in submission inside the company premises. Companies nowadays find it more efficient and dare we say more environmental friendly? By asking applicants to hand in their resume via e-mail, resource such as paper wouldn't have to be wasted if the recruiter initially doesn't like what he/she sees in your resume, it also saves space and time as a ton of resume piled up would be harder and would take longer to access rather than simply clicking on one's computer to view the document.

Here are a few tips to acquire that job (Source: Accenture)
Make sure your resume stands out
We receive hundreds of applications each day, so differentiate yourself by highlighting your skills, your career goals and your achievements at university. We are not very interested in your high school or elementary records, but we do want to know details about your involvement in school organizations and other extra curricular activities. Keep it concise. A one page document should be sufficient.

Also, make sure your resume does not stand out for the wrong reasons. It is surprising how many resumes we receive with incorrect contact information, spelling mistakes and errors due to careless cutting and pasting. Before you submit your resume, ask a friend to proofread it or use the spell check in Microsoft Word.

Prepare for the interview
The key to a successful interview is preparation! A lot of jobseekers just go to one interview after another, without properly researching the position for which they are applying or about their potential employers. Before you go to your interview, make sure you have a good understanding of the company and what you hope to do with the company. Keep in mind the following objectives when preparing for your interview.

Know yourself: In order to know yourself, you must be able to do the following:
  • Describe what you want in a career/employer.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify your goals and objectives (short and long term).
  • Be prepared to discuss areas for development in a solution-oriented manner.
Know your resume: Be familiar with all the information on your resume and be prepared to elaborate on each topic:
  • Contact information.
  • Career objectives
  • Educational experience
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • References
Know the industry: Research the company and the industry through:
  • Visiting company websites.
  • Talking to alumni/current employees.
  • Reading corporate literature.
  • Reading newspapers and industry magazines/publications.
  • Consult the Office of Career Services on campus.
  • Attend company information sessions and activities.
Prepare for the interview day: Plan in advance for your interview day with these simple steps:
  • Ensure you have accurate directions to the interview site (test them if possible).
  • Submit all required documents prior to the interview, or bring them with you if requested.
  • Plan the appropriate outfit to present your most professional appearance.
  • Prepare questions about the role and company should time be given for questions.

A few more tips from Team DS:

Register at sites such as Jobstreet, to make it easier for you to look for company postings of job openings and also for companies to look for you as you can indicate the type of job you're looking for and a corresponding e-mail would be sent to you informing you if any company that matches your preferences is available (e.g. in Makati, BPO/Call Center)

Remember, you have nothing to lose by sending your resume online. Even if the posting for a job has already reached its deadline as posted online, it wouldn't hurt to try. Chances are you could end up like me, who got an e-mail right back a few hours later asking me to give them a call for me to be scheduled for an exam and an interview.

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