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Book review: Strategic Management competitiveness, globalization, and concepts by Michael Hitt, Duane Ireland, and Robert Hoskisson

The most painstaking part about writing a book review is finding an interesting topic that would invoke interest among the readers and more importantly than not, appeal to the writer’s palate. This, I must admit was a very difficult task since I had no intentions of purchasing a book because I thought it would be just a waste of money, so it almost took me forever just to rummage in the school library for one, and not to mention my inability to finish reading the book due to my swamped schedule reinforced by the compounding demands of other school subjects, and given the requirements that it must pertain only to management and/or leadership contexts and published not earlier than 2009. For purposes of brevity, reading a book isn't my cup of tea, however, because of the events that transpired along with the pressures greater than I have experienced in school, my outlook on reading gradually shifted from mild aversion to subtle affinity.

The book is quite technical but easy to understand. This is because of its informative writing style adjoined with logic and explained through actual experiences of the top leaders of the elite global organizations around the globe. One of the most important topics discussed was the Strategic Management Process (SMP) and its contribution to a sustained competitive advantage. This book also featured a comprehensive analysis of the cases of companies that underwent organizational change and further explicating the cause of their successes and failures.

After understanding the essence of Strategic Management, this gave me a wider view of the ever evolving environment. It gives an advantage of knowing current trends, carefully planning ventures that can yield above-average returns while avoiding unattractive ventures that can be disastrous. As I near the finish line of my college life, I don't plan of spending the remainder of my life behind a desk in front of a computer working as an employee for some company. Instead, I will venture in the world of the high-risk takers, gamblers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. I'm pretty sure it will not be an easy ride for me, and I don't expect the people to take me lightly, but with my knowledge in strategic management and my willingness to learn more, I can safely argue that I have a puncher's chance of becoming successful in this field. I strongly recommend this book to novices and experts alike.