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Employee Piracy

While I was watching the news early this morning, I suddenly saw an interview with Mr. Francis Co. The topic discussed was about "things to consider before allowing yourself to be pirated by another company". Although it's a good thing when someone wants to pirate you to work for their company, which only means that you're really performing well however you need to consider lot of things before deciding to jump ship.

Things to consider before changing your workplace:
  • Adaptability to new environment
  • Personality of immediate boss
  • New relationship with co-workers
  • Profitability and stability of the firm
  • Personal growth
  • Retirement package
Things to do when you choose to change your workplace:
  • Inform management
  • Give time to management to turn over your work to others
  • Don't steal company property
  • Don't pirate / encourage your co-worker to join you in changing workplace
  • Don't burn bridges and maintain friendshp with your previous company