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The blank sheet

Organizations nowadays, particularly the established ones are always the first to exhibit the symptoms of organizational myopia. This phenomenon does not originate from human error as many would see it, but it stems from the complacency and arrogance of human nature along with its inflated ego. Myopia is the condition wherein the individual lacks foresight, he therefore is unable to discern the auspicious from the precipice that bears no fruit but a steep downfall.

Whenever a summit has been reached, some just drop the ball and stop progressing, hoping that the toil from their prior achievement would suffice the demand of human consumerism. But unfortunately, it almost never does, or at least just for a brief period of time until somebody with conviction concocts a totally innovative prototype that surpasses your product offering. This is one of those moments that catapults a person to stardom and send companies to the morgue.

The proverbial lesson is to always keep the eye on the ball and remember that the primary reason firms survive is because of the consumers and the rigorous efforts of satisfying their insatiable appetite for a better life.

The best businessman, regardless of annual earnings and net worth, is a person who is able to meet the specifications of the consumers since the philosophy of mass production has become such a trite. Its as common as political campaigns during the election month, and it renders the industry very unattractive to penetrate.


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