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Book Review: Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone

I developed the habit of reading books that would either increase my knowledge of uncertainties or books that would inspire me. When I started to read this book, I was easily enticed to finish it due to the concepts and ideas that it is revealing to me. I haven’t fully read the Bible yet I could relate to the examples in the gospels that Steve Saccone used in this book in order to relate it to relational intelligence. Come to think of it, if Jesus is relationally intelligent and Jesus became human therefore humans can be relationally intelligent. As I continue to deepen my analysis with this book, I started to understand how people who are relationally intelligent become successful in life.

After reading the book, I started to assess myself as to whether I'm relationally intelligent. I started to list my positive and negative attitudes when it comes to socializing with people. One positive attitude that I believe I excel at most is that I am "a conversational futurist." When having a conversation with people, I often connect to what they are getting at into a higher degree of thinking. For example, when my friends would tell me their problems, I make it a point to create progress in his/her burden instead of continuing to stress out his/her problem. One negative attitude that decreases my relational intelligence is that I don't usually start conversations with people. It usually takes me two to three days before I start a conversation. This is critical because I may end up not getting to know the right people when the right time comes that they might be the key for my success due to missed chances. One suggestion that the book gave to this certain dilemma is that I start initiating conversations with the use of open ended questions that would get other people to start opening up to me very easily. The more a person opens up the more comfortable the relationship would be.

I would recommend this books to people who would like to be good leaders someday. Not only does it give recommendations but also strengthens a persons character in relation with getting along with others. It could also be considered as a self help book to people who believe that they lack inner motivation to progess in their work groups.


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