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Old School Manila

One can't help but be envious of the Baby Boomers (people born between 1946-1960's) when you get to see these pics of Manila during the 60's.

Pasig river near Delta
Jones bridge going to Binondo
Department of Finance, Congress
Coastal Highway
Sta Cruz Church
Rizal Avenue without LRT


Source: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

I wonder why we never bothered to take care of what we once had, did we take these things for granted? Imagine 20 years from now, what kind of pics would we show our kids? Would they be happy to see what Taft Avenue looks like while we were in college? Or malls like MOA, Glorietta and ATC, will they even be around after a couple of decades? I wish our kids wouldn't have to think that the Philippines during our era is a better place to live in, for it means that our country has changed for the worse just like how we look at the pics above and compare it with what we have today.

If only one of our presidential candidates would think of restoring our country to the way it used to be (in terms of image, cleanliness and order as shown in the pics), then he would surely get my vote.
To have a better Philippines, let's be better Filipinos and choose wisely in voting our next leader! This blog post is dedicated to every Filipino who still believes in our country.

I would also like to dedicate this blog post to a friend of mine who is celebrating her birthday today. Hope this cheers her up. :3

Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one! :)