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The importance of recognizing what is important

The hardest part... Writing on a blank page.

It took me a while before I learned how to appreciate ownership and entitlement, and as far as I can recall, as a kid, I was always heedless of my belongings to the point that I usually misplace them or more often than not, lose them irretrievably. This was just all normal though for a child who was yet incapable of grasping the realities of the world, and like all 7-year olds who watched cartoons all day and idolize their favorite superheroes, I thought the whole world revolved around me too. I thought I could have everything I wanted and took things for granted. I thought things can be easily replaced whenever it was lost. But as I grew wiser, and so does my curiosity of exploring the unknown, I began to understand certain facts about life, truths that are very basic and important.

I learned that there are important things not to be carelessly handled and taken for granted. Essential things like education, a job, a right of suffrage, friends, and in my case a girlfriend (naks) since these are the things that play a vital role in the path of life we choose to take. I saw the importance of things that some people ignore apathetically, important things like the essence of a philosopher's idea and a scientist's new discovery or the footwork of a skilled mixed-martial artist. And lately, I understood that the reason some people value their work so much is because in some cases, it is the only thing they have. This may be viewed in a negative perspective but it may also be a positive one especially if the reason for doing it is pure passion. If you love your job so much and it makes you happy, then why not put all your energy into it?

After assimilating all the ideas that would be pivotal for a successful managerial career, now comes the fun part of how I will be able to apply what I've learned in a corporate environment. As a future HR practitioner, dealing with the employees under my wing is a constant challenge that must be addressed at appropriate times since there will always be conflicts whether it originates from the company or the employees. Let's face it, we are needed in order for a company to function. We drive the metaphorical wheel of corporate demands adjoined with employee expectations and at the same time ensuring a smooth ride on a bumpy road of unavoidable traffic causing losses for the company and employment termination. And at the end of this rat race of various industries competing for competitive advantage, it is the HR manager who gets the accolades for the success, but blamed for the mishaps.

By now, we should have a working idea of how we can properly handle the essential factors that contribute to our purpose including the people we interact and especially ourselves. If you would ask for my unsolicited opinion, I think we all have what it takes to be successful managers, and if you just disregard the job title, we are our own HR managers and some just don’t realize it yet, because we align our objectives based on what is important to us. It’s just a matter of setting priorities, exploiting opportunities and embracing change.


  1. Blogger Alvin Tan | February 2, 2010 at 10:32 AM |  

    an inspiring post, kudos to you

  2. Blogger Bong C. Austero | February 2, 2010 at 11:25 AM |  

    I knew you had it in you to be profound! Whoa. Nice post. I really enjoyed this post. More! More!

  3. Blogger Marvin James | February 2, 2010 at 11:17 PM |  

    @ alvin & sir bong: hehe thanks