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Corporate Communication

James Ortiz

Patricia Ledesma

Yuta Watanabe

Marvin Laiño

Today, we’ll discuss about corporate communication and how important it is not to overlook the importance of internal communications within the organization.

There’s a lot of research that shows that well informed employees are more productive and are happier as compared to those who are kept in the dark. By sharing things with your employees and communicating with them as much as appropriate (not necessarily personal or financial information) you satisfy their desire to know if things are going well, if they are doing fine and how they could be of help with regards to the organization’s future plans.

People love to be asked of their opinions, by involving them in important decision making, strategic planning or in the budgeting process they’ll feel that the organization values their individual opinion. Some of the rewards of internal communication are, improved morale, productivity, cooperation, loyalty, and reliability during tough times. If they truly feel that they are part of the company, they’d be more willing to give helpful suggestions and offer their help even before you ask for it.

With the advent of technology, talking to your employees has never been easier. One of the vehicles that are adopted is Podcasting. Podcasts are downloadable audio or video files that are released through RSS feeds or web feeds. The RSS feeds or web feeds can be accessed through the use of certain podcatcher softwares especially to private channels that pertain to specific groups or individuals. Once downloaded from your computer, you could transfer it to your Ipod or any similar device that could read the file and play it when and wherever you choose. Companies are now using podcasting as an internal communication tool in order to relay company objectives and updates to their employees.

As we watched the videoclip, we noticed that increasing productivity through internal communication among employees is very effective simply through the use of podcasting which is the next best thing to face to face communication. Just like in sales and marketing, the human voice provides an emotional connection, by having an emotional connection with the consumer it is easier to get a buying response, which is the same thing in making announcements to employees in order to convince, motivate and get employees to do what you want.

The best practices in corporate communication according to William J. Clegg are:

First, see if the message that will be related to the audience is clear, because not everyone has the same understanding of the message.

Second is that if you feel doubtful of what you will relay, let someone read it and ask how he/she understood it.

and Last, is to never assume that your audience is familiar to the subject of your message. You must simplify it.

“Let’s all try to say what we mean and mean what we say. And, if you don’t know an acronym, an abbreviation, business jargon, or are just not familiar with a concept — just ask someone on your team. We’ll all be the better for it”